Ian Utile: How to Use Live Streaming to Win Customers (the Real Skinny!)

You’ve heard us say it before – accessibility (not content) is the new king.

That means pull back the black curtain. Reveal what’s behind the scenes.

Show them your… Human :-).

And there’s nothing like a live stream to keep it real.

Join our next Lately Live with live stream expert Ian Utile – Father. Friend. Futurist. Founder. AND… CEO at attn.live – exploring how live streaming can amp up your engagement, build authenticity and bringing your brand personality to life – a.k.a., how to create success – before and after, as well as live.

It’s not as scary as it seems. Promise!

About Ian

Ian Utile is an optimistic futurist that persuades people to create a better tomorrow. He is the CEO of attn.live, a live streaming platform where content creators are able to automatically post podcasts to YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana. He was the co-founder of Kukui who was ranked the #1 fastest growing company in San Jose by Inc. as his team scaled to $10M+ ARR before being acquired by a private equity firm. His heritage inspires him to build a legacy because his ancestors have raised their families in the San Francisco Bay since his forefather (Lieutenant Moraga) founded the city of San Jose in 1777. He is an “entrepreneur in residence” for four different organizations like the innovation hub inside of Twitter HQ. You can connect with him directly @ianutile on all social media sites.

In short: he’s a rock star, an optimist and an innovator. And we are THRILLED to have him as our guest.

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