Marketing Yourself Before and AFTER You Get the Job

How do I impress my boss? There’s inherent bias in hiring? Navigating the Glass Ceiling (still exists)! The dreaded cover letter….

On this edition of Lately Live, HR Queen and founder of Self-Made Millennial, Madeline Mann helps us strategize the BEST ways to tackle the beast that is our working life. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to joining the work world, Madeline will answer all questions on getting, keeping and changing your job!

Suddenly have A LOT of questions? Yeah, so do we :-).

Madeline Mann is the founder of Self-Made Millennial (500,000+ subscribers and counting!), a group of content channels that spans all social media platforms and provides rapid-fire, battle-tested career advice, resulting in thousands of powerful testimonials and success stories. Recently, Madeline was named a Top 50 Person to Follow on LinkedIn and she’s also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor seasoned career coach. Self-Made Millennial has been featured on Bloomberg, The New York Times and Forbes and named a Top 10 YouTube Channel for Job Seekers.

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