May King Tsang: FOMO for Copywriting – How to Leverage Urgency in a World Where “Live” is Less

NO ONE wants to miss out. It’s a tried-and-true sales tactic nearly impossible not to fall for.

But when the world turns upside down and live events scramble to reinvent themselves, how does the fear of missing out (a.k.a. FOMO) evolve? Can you still leverage it without a “there” to miss out on (spoiler alert: YASSSSSSSSSSS)? And what FOMO tips and tricks can you use in your sales and marketing copywriting to make that register ring a whole lot, ehem, mo?

Join our next Lately Live with FOMO expert and marketing virtuoso May King Tsang.

May King Tsang is a globally-recognized marketing consultant, correspondent and FOMO generator who has worked with top conferences, festivals and workshops worldwide to single-handedly drive conversions, engagement and excitement at scale. May King is also a lover of tea, and you’ll mainly find her tweeting with her “tea” puns at @maykingtea.

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