Mike Vardy: Why the Productivity You Think You’re Achieving is Shooting You in the Bum

Welcome, new year of vision and focus!

But first, rather than resolving to ‘do’, resolve instead to ‘be’ – specifically, to be more productive in your marketing.

Mike’s also written and published multiple blogs, books, ebooks, was a former managing editor at Lifehack and has written for the Huffington Post, among other blockbuster outlets. He’s appeared on stage at TEDexVictora and South by Southwest and given productivity workshops for creativeLIVE and Skillshare. Plus, he’s also an esteemed podcaster of both his own show and a serial guest on numerous others.

Mike Vardy is an author, speaker, productivity and time management strategist and founder of Productivityist. His magical mission is to help people stop ‘doing’ productive and start ‘being’ productive. Yes, please!

In short, the man knows what he’s talking about when it comes to productivity… or as Mike likes to say:

“Define your day. Filter your focus. Make every moment matter.”

We’ll dive into Mike’s master-mindy, productivityist secrets for what may be the most useful 30 minutes of your YEAR.


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