When Really Really REALLY Terrible Things Happen To Good People

Orlando Bowen is intelligent, joyful, good-humored, caring and generous – amazingly. The question you'll be asking is… Why?

Because this particular human was dealt an awful, unimaginable hand.

Resilience. Persistence. The Will to Live. These are things we all aspire to when faced with adversity. Putting them to the test is a whole other game. Join us for Lately Live TOMORROW, Tuesday, January 19 at 2 PM East/11AM West. when Orlando shares a story that will make you question humanity.

Wherever you are in your personal or business journey, I promise you'll walk away a better human and I hope to see you there.

Orlando Bowen is a multi-award-winning keynote speaker, focused on equipping people to get off the sidelines and become difference-makers in the lives of those around them. He's worked with corporations, small businesses, non-profits and youth leadership organizations across the globe, specializing in empowering others to overcome adversity.

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