The Podcast Secrets That No One Tells You (GAH!)

Yay. You have a podcast. 

You and EVERYONE else.

Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro, cutting through the noise is harder than ever before. (Clubhouse, you are not helping.)

On our next Lately Live, on-air radio veteran and podcast guru Sam Sethi will dive into how to make your podcast ziiiiiiiiiiing through the clamor and go over no-nos EVERYONE does. Get ready to blush. 

Oh, and I might chime in a little (ya know, ex rock ‘n’ roll deejay and all).

Sam Sethi is an award-winning radio presenter (100,000+ listeners) and host of Europe's top tech podcast, Sam Talks Technology (10,000+ subscribers). He specializes in in-depth reviews and analysis of business and technological news – from Web 3.0, voice smart assistants and artificial intelligence to Internet of Things, diversity & inclusion and augmented reality. He's also interviewed countless entrepreneurs from across the globe, and launched the wildly successful global Podcast Festival at the start of COVID last year. Sam was also recently named Community Radio’s Best Newcomer of the Year at the Community Radio Awards.

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