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The only AI-powered social media management, sales enablement and employee advocacy platform with the quality and security required in the enterprise.
Small Business
Starter AI for small businesses, consultants and agencies.
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Single User
4 Social Accounts

Turn text, audio, & video into social posts
AI-recommended hashtags
Individual post scheduling
4 social channels
10 social channels
Unlimited social channels

For enterprise businesses and agencies.

Our most advanced AI for large businesses and agencies.
Everything in Small Business plus:
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Advanced analytics and AI-powered insights
AI-optimized scheduling and calendar
AI-powered topic recommendations
AI-powered employee advocacy and social selling tools
Campaign comparison and performance tracking
Advanced video generation
VIP AI training and education services
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Small Business
Social Post Generator
Generate from longform text, audio & video
Generate from prompt
Generate from articles related to your industry
Generate from RSS feeds
Channel-targeted results: Facebook Business, Instagram Business, LinkedIn Personal, LinkedIn Business, X
Add intro & outro videos and images to video clips
Video & audio clip captioning
Video & audio transcript editing
Advanced video generation
AI-recommended hashtags
AI-recommended rewrites, a.k.a. "style transfer" in multiple voices (brand or employee)
AI-optimized brand voice learning
AI "boosting" via back catalog voice learning
AI-powered topic recommendations
AI-optimized top time and day analysis
Campaign comparison and performance tracking
UTM-code tracking
Social post component analysis (text, link, attachment)
Organic influencer performance comparison (currently available for X)
Channel performance comparison
Author performance comparison
Competitor keyword analysis
Scheduling & Publishing
AI-optimized scheduling and calendars
AI-powered employee advocacy and social selling tools
Automatic drip-feed scheduler with recommended cadence
Multi-channel governance
Approval workflows
Publish with Lately, Hootsuite, Sprinklr or HubSpot
Brand/employee voice--learning
Team/client controls
Multiple account governance
Single sign-on
Connected social accounts
Sources "Generated From" Library
Media Library
Key Messaging Library
Customer Care
Chat only/48-hour response
VIP AI training and education services
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Already have Hootsuite, Hootsuite Amplify, Sprinklr, or HubSpot Marketing Hub? Awesome. We integrate with them, too.
Want to generate from text, video or audio in a language other than English? Just ask!
Publish to any Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and YouTube company page or any LinkedIn and X personal page.

Powered by AI. Loved by humans.

“Lately’s ability to learn and contextually identify key moments for engagement is crucial for anyone who wants to scale their content output.”
May Niu
International Media Strategist,


What kind of longform content does Lately's AI generate from? 

Run any kind of longform content through Lately's AI and we'll slice it up into dozens of high-performing social posts. Lately's AI will also create social posts on its own, based on the longform content you feed it, using a writing model it creates uniquely for your voice or brand. Everything it creates is tailored uniquely for your voice or brand and designed specifically to engage your target audience.

  • Works with any longform text, audio and video...
  • Works with earned, owned or found media…
  • Works with podcasts, webinars, blogs and more!

Does Lately’s AI generate social posts from video and audio?

Yes! Lately's AI generates social posts from text, video and audio. 

  • From text, we’ll generate dozens of social posts. 
  • From audio, we’ll generate a transcript and dozens of social posts with matching audiograms. 
  • From video, we’ll generate a transcript, and dozens of posts with matching video clips.

Does Lately create social posts on its own?

Yes! In addition to slicing up text, video and audio into dozens of social posts that contain the highest possible performing quotes – including matching video or audio clips – Lately also creates social posts on its own, based on whatever longform content you feed it. Everything it creates is tailored uniquely for your voice or brand and designed specifically to engage your target audience. Just look for the “Lately AI Original” badge!

Can I publish directly from Lately?

Yes! You can schedule and publish directly from any Startly plan to either Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. You can schedule and publish to all four of those platforms through our Litely or Professionally plans. Additional scheduling and publishing to YouTube is available only on our Enterprisely plan.

What publishing platforms does Lately integrate with?

Lately integrates with Hootsuite, Hootsuite Amplify and HubSpot Marketing Hub, making it easy to publish our AI-generated content right from those platforms. More integration partners coming soon! If you have questions about how to connect your Lately account with your Hootsuite, Hootsuite Amplify or HubSpot Marketing Hub account, just ask!

What if I have a publishing platform that Lately doesn't yet integrate with?

First, complain to that company that they should integrate with us ASAP! In the meantime, download your AI-generated results into a CSV spreadsheet and upload to wherever you wish.

Are there additional integrations?

You betcha. In addition to Hootsuite, Hootsuite Amplify and HubSpot Marketing Hub, Lately also integrates with UpContent, Grammarly and Bitly.

Does Lately include employee advocacy tools?

It sure does. You can syndicate Lately's AI-generated content to unlimited employee or brand accounts via our Enterprisely plan. Want a demo? Just ask!

Is there nonprofit pricing available?

Yeppers, but only for annual contract deals. Request a call with a Lately AI advocate to learn more.

How does the AI work?

Aha. The most fun question. Read all about it here.

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