Lately Pricing & Plans

Generate content that matters with A.I. that won’t blow out your wallet.
Save up to 30%!
Billed Annually

For individuals and micro-businesses.

7-day free trial

  • Litely includes:
  • Generate from video, audio or text
  • A.I. learning for one brand voice
  • A.I.-recommended hashtags
  • Single-user
  • Up to 100 posts per month
  • Email support
  • Publish to:
  • Facebook Company Pages
  • Instagram Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Company & Personal Pages
  • Twitter Company & Personal Pages
Billed Annually

For teams and small agencies.

7-day free trial

  • Everything in Litely plus:
  • Video transcript editing
  • Video captioning
  • Add video intros/outros
  • A.I.-recommended keywords
  • Up to 3 users (add more @$30 each)
  • Unlimited posts
  • Priority support
  • Add-Ons:
  • Customize and enhance your Professionally Plan with additional editing, video features and approvals.
  • Editing & Video Features
  • $50 per account/per month
  • Transcript editing
  • Video captioning
  • Add video intros/outros
  • Multilanguage video generation
  • Approvals
  • $30 per user/per month (includes initial training)
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For large businesses and large agencies.

  • Everything in Professionally plus:
  • A.I. learning for multiple brand/employee voices
  • Employee advocacy/social selling syndication
  • Multi-region/client campaign management
  • Analytics
  • Advanced A.I.-recommended hashtags and keywords
  • Unlimited users
  • Employee training and onboarding support
  • Additionally publish to:
  • YouTube Company Pages
Already have Hootsuite or HubSpot Marketing Hub? Awesome. We integrate with them, too.
Want to generate from content in a language other than English? Just ask!
Don't have text to generate from? Our Discover Articles feature will find it for you! Powered by UpContent.

*All plans come with the standard Lately A.I. text autogenerator that can read and generate social content from any blog posts, articles, web pages, customer case studies, white papers or any longform written content. The Lately A.I. audio autogenerator and the Lately A.I. video autogenerator are available as add-ons for any of the plans above.

Powered by A.I. Loved by humans.

“Lately’s ability to learn and contextually identify key moments for social media is crucial for anyone who wants to scale their content output.”
May Niu
International Media Strategist,


What if I don’t have a separate publishing platform?

No publishing platform? No problem. With any Exportly plan, generate from any longform text like blogs, news articles, word documents or PDFs. Download A.I.-generated content into a CSV spreadsheet and upload to wherever you wish.

You can also publish directly from any Enterprisely plan  to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube with our full, on-premise publishing suite.

What publishing platforms does Lately integrate with?

With any Litely or Professionally plan, instantly send all A.I.-generated content directly to HubSpot Marketing Hub or Hootsuite without the hassles of downloading and uploading spreadsheets. Both plans also include custom A.I. keyword insights to optimize your copy.

Are there additional integrations?

You betcha. In addition to HubSpot Marketing Hub and Hootsuite, Lately also integrates with UpContent, Grammarly and Bitly.

Already have a HubSpot Marketing Hub or Hootsuite account? Start generating A.I. content for free, now.

Does Lately’s A.I. generate from video and audio?

Yes! With both Professionally or Enterprisely plans, get A.I.-generated miniature video clips from any longform video files like interviews, conference panels, webinars or podcasts. Generate from any audio files, too. Full transcripts are also automatically included.

Does Lately include employee advocacy tools?

It sure does. Syndicate A.I.-generated content to unlimited employee or brand accounts and empower others to safely share optimal content with a Parent Account Add-On to any Enterprisely plans. Plus get advanced A.I. insights to power-boost meaningful engagement, enterprisewide.

Is there nonprofit pricing available?

Yeppers, but only for annual contract deals. Request a call with a Lately A.I. advocate to learn more.

How does the A.I. work?

Aha. The most fun question. Read all about it here.

Ready to add that A.I. zing that’ll make your social posts zoom?