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What's up guys? This is Jacob. I'm content AI manager and founder of Content AI Tools. Welcome to a new product demo, live broadcasting, where I check out the news things, the news tools that are helpful for you for the content creation. And today I have a special product. So, um, in December, I had the chance to interview, um, CEO of lately ai, and I want to speak a little bit about this tool, why it is interesting, why it is increasing engagement on social, 5000%. That's, that's the main, uh, claim that they, they have. And indeed, so I'm testing this since around one month or something. And, uh, especially the last couple of days, uh, were a little bit more intense with this tool and I want to speak about it. That's the main thing. So if you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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If you have questions or some things that you want to suggest, just let me know. So there are many tools out there, and I have struggled to come up with the news things, but this is a really cool lately because of one particular reason that I'm going to show you a couple of things. But so far when I'm testing software, like AI content, AI tools, it's mostly the content creation part. So how to create, for example, text production. Okay? I'm creating texts, like social media captions, blog articles, or I'm, I have one tool only creating deep fake videos. So where I have a digital avatar and things like that. So it's very, these tools are very focused on one thing and they, they create one thing. And then I have another tool, which is making the content distribution. So I'm uploading these videos or pictures and then connecting with my social media channels and then automating it.

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And the cool thing about lately is it's very, that's the first thing that I recognize. It's combining both. So I can create content, different types of content also. So video snippets, audiograms, and also quotes, and also I can distribute it through my channels. So that's, that's the main difference that so far and a very special u s p in my opinion. And the reason why I'm using it, basically because I'm saving a lot of time. I don't have to, uh, handle different tools. I can go in, I'm uploading my stuff and then creating the snippets and distributing it still. There are a couple of things that I want to share when if I, I mean, I'm not the c e O, but if I would be the C E o, I will change a couple of things in order to make the the process more smooth.

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It is already smooth, and I'm very happy that I have to store, honestly. But there are little things that I would tweet and, and change, and I'm going to speak about these things. Okay, let me check my screen and share it also with you. So let's start, okay, add to screen. Yes, here we go. Okay. So first of all, a little bit set from, okay, just, just shortly. So in May 1st, my new book is coming, content ai, save Time, money, and 10 x Your Marketing Impact of ai. And very, I'm very proud of this cover. I, I really like this. So it's, if you, I hope you can see it. So it's a combination between AI and the human. So from the right side, the AI is coming and, and putting, yeah, getting this puzzle, uh, to the, to the human who's coming from the left.

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And it's really about making the biggest impact of ai. So it's not like replacing people or some, some things because honestly, it's not really not about replacement, it's about training your people to become AI skills. That's the, that's the main thing, and that's the reason why I'm so unbelievably proud of this, uh, book cover. But anyway, yes. So it's coming May 1st. So I'm, I'm talking about all the things that, I'm talking basically about the five territories of content ai, which are text, audio, video, snippets, deep fake and image generations. So the five territories, how I call it, because for many people it is already, uh, it is still unknown territory. So I'm speaking about this one. And also giving suggestions which tools to use. Uh, a big thing is also speaking about frameworks. So many people don't know, okay, I had all these tools, but how do I start and what, what is important?

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And I give some basic frameworks. I give workflows that you can integrate, which makes perfectly sense, uh, in my opinion, because I tested them. I, I hired people, and then we tested, can you use these tools and what's the best way? And, and, um, yeah, best practices like that. That's, that's the main thing. So May 1st, it's, it's coming. And I also have the survey where I putting in, um, suggestions and questions from people. So if you have any suggestions or topics that you would love to, to be seen in this book, just let me know. Uh, just write me the me send me write in comment or whatever, and then I can bring it also into the book, basically. Okay. So I wanted to speak about this tool here, which is, oh no, that's already inside. So this is lately, and, um, if you don't have access yet, it is, um, this is how it looks like lately ai.

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And, um, yeah, a couple of things. I made these notes so that I don't forget anything. So that's my product review. So how did, I found this tool? Basically, I interviewed the C e O, which is Kate, and after interviewing her, I just, yeah, wanted to try it, basically. So, okay, let's jump in and I will explain a couple of things. So this is already insight, so let's maybe start the beginning. So basically, like I said, in most cases, these tools can use one area of content specifically. So if I, I have for example, one tool that I'm using for deep fake, I have one tool creating video snippets. Um, there is one tool that you can use for audio audiograms and also another tool for text production and lately is combining text, video, and audio. So you can use, uh, it for, uh, for different mediums.

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So if you are, uh, a vlogger who creates a lot of video material, this makes totally sense. So if you're, if you're a podcaster who creates on a weekly basis or more than weekly podcast episodes lately is a great way to scale your, your, your podcast. But even if you are just writing and producing blog articles, this makes all the perfect sense because it's, it's a great way to leverage and create snippets out of the long form content that you create. So I'm a video guy, so let's start with video. I'm jumping in into the video section. I can upload the video and the link url, which is basically my call to action. So for example, I edited my book link to on Amazon. You can also, this is something that I didn't try yet, but that's also cool option that you have an intro and outro. Um, yeah, thinking about, yeah, I have to, I have to create something. And then on the beginning and the end, you can have something, some cool intros and outros. You're uploading this. And basically after that, uh, after you upload the video, it looks like this. Just let me check.

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So I uploaded here a video. No, that's an audio, that is a video. I did this video this week, I think. So, um, and you are of course connecting your social media channels this, um, both lately. So I edited my Facebook, my Twitter, my LinkedIn, and my Instagram account. And after a couple of minutes, I get all these suggestions, uh, for the snippets for the creation part. So I worked today, I al already worked on, uh, a couple of, uh, video snippets. So let's jump to Twitter. Maybe that makes more sense. So this was a, this is a video snippet, and you can see it gives me already a suggestion of, of the video snippets. So this is how long, this is two minutes, something around two minute long from the long tail, long form video content. You can also change it, make it longer or shorter, but in most cases it's already cool and you can directly start writing the text.

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And it is basically what I s what I'm saying in this short snippet. And now, so this is the link to my book, and I can write something for more information. You can check out my book here. And then I'm adding some hashtags or lately is also giving me suggestions for hashtags, so to the book. And I always add AI and, uh, content, of course content marketing. And you see on right side the AI train meter, uh, gives me, okay, that looks pretty, pretty good. But there's still a couple of things that you can add. For example, uh, one emoji emoji. So for check my book, pretty, pretty good, fun, punctuation, still have problem with that one. But, uh, let me check what I, like I said, my book is coming.

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Okay, so I'm, my book is coming and you can already is coming about newest content, AI tools, Twitter post. So I don't have so much space. I'm shortening this, and now I have a superstar post. I always want to be this guy who creates superstar posts. That's just, that's what I want. I mean, yes, it's, I'm, I'm putting everything in that's possible so that I have, that I make sure that, um, AI is, yeah, happy with it. So this, this is something that I can do, and then I can schedule it. Uh, I'm most often, um, say, so you can do two different things. So let lately schedule it. So there's this function that's, um, lately is choosing when you should post, uh, your video snippet or whatever you want to create. So at the beginning I thought, wow, that's genius. How is this happening?

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So basically what, uh, lately is doing is what I'm connecting lately with my social media channels. It's scanning my channel history and based on my channel history, uh, lately gives, gives suggestions when you should post something. And I thought at the beginning, that's, that's awesome. And, um, I said, okay, let lately schedule it and I created 30, 40 posts or something. But the thing is, uh, on LinkedIn that at the beginning, that doesn't make sense, uh, especially for my account, because I'm super active on, especially on LinkedIn. So what the, what the lately did, was it within 10 minutes, it posted six times. So, or I think, or every minute or something, which doesn't make sense to me. So I, I change this, so I always say, okay, save it for later, and then I will show you something about the content distribution part that you can make because you can't, um, schedule it, for example, for once a day or something.

Speaker 1: (13:10)

That's, that's a cool thing, but I mean, it's a, at least it's a cool future. And still, when I say posted once a day, I can say that lately, decide when that's, then when I post just once a day, that's, that's totally fine for me when lately it decides when it should be. So I'm saving it for later. And it goes to this pool of, uh, unscheduled, unpublished posts, basically. Okay. Choosing the account, confirm and save, and that's it basically. And then now you can continue, there's the next video. You can do this for Twitter, and then there are a couple of videos, and then some, sometimes it's just switching to just links.

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Yeah, so if I, when I'm through all the video snippets, then it's only the link that is shared and, um, transcripts, I can do this for LinkedIn. So the LinkedIn, uh, captions are longer. You can also decide how long should they be also for Instagram, yes, that's it basically. So yes, yes. So you can, um, work on these postings. So 72 postings. So basically when I am uploading one video around one hour, uh, for each channel, I get 10 or 12 video snippet, or if it's a, just only a audio, um, then 10 to 15 audiograms from, uh, one hour conversation. Uh, I'm mainly using these things, so the video snippets and also the audio snippets. Okay, now that was video. You can do the same for audio and for text. If you have, for example, block articles, you can do this also for the block articles. So instead of posting one once, uh, that your blog article is published, you can create little short, um, a little, little short quotes from the blog and then also link to your blog article. That's how we, what you can do, which makes totally sense and, um, create more buzz. Okay, now let me check. Yes, so these are the videos so far that I uploaded, and now the schedule, so these are already scheduled? No, sorry, uh, these are the drafts that I didn't schedule yet, right?

Speaker 1: (15:51)

So I have four channels, yes. This one is already scaled. No, this is when I created, right? Yes. Okay. And you also have the outbox where you have the published ones. Yes, you can see the published. Um, thanks. Okay, yeah, that's, that's in a nutshell. So you can now choose, I want to schedule all my drafts, and then you can choose, okay, I want one post per day, two posts per day, one every two weeks, one every six days. I don't know why. And then this is the future that I talked about. Um, let lately pick the times so that you don't have to worry based on the engagement that you had on your channels. Um, it's choosing when to post, and I also like this, or it shouldn't be, um, I like randomized because it's, it's, it feels like more mixed. So from one interview and then from another one. And I, I like that one more. And you can also decide when to start.

Speaker 1: (17:02)

Yes, that's it, basically. So let me check if there are anything so far. Okay. Oh, I have a comment. So let me check. Hey, Vanessa, looking forward to this discussion. Yes, me too. Just let me know if you have anything. Okay, thanks for tuning in. So let me check. So when it comes to quality, I think lately is doing a great, great job. So I am, like I said at the beginning, I am super happy about this tool because it's combining the creation part and the distribution part and takes me a lot of time. There are still minor things, little things that I think, uh, could be interesting for, for, for the team to improve the process. So, um, the one thing is I would like to reuse the snippets in the outbox section. So, like I said, I, I, I hear I'm in the outbox section, and this post, I mean, this is a German one now, but I can scroll down there.

Speaker 1: (18:13)

Yeah, for, for example, this one I'm more adjustment in front of the camera. I'm speaking about that. So I can, I would like to click on this and then Eva re republish it so that I say take this video snippet and, and put it into the pool of, uh, scheduled posts so that the, that this, this is going to republished in two or three weeks, or I want to download the snippet. That would be my, my wish. So, because I'm thinking I'm doing this, the distribution part, I'm, I'm writing these snippets and then it's gone. So that will be my wish that I, to some degree repurposed this, this one here. And, uh, don't have to worry about this because another thing that I'm using, another tool that's the main distribution tool that I'm using is called hero Post, that I'm going to show this one here. So that's my dashboard on the hero post. Just, just a nutshell. So these are my, uh, channels where I can distribute here, I can just type in something and then I can schedule and choose the time. So nothing fancy so far, but the interesting thing now is I can say I want this, repost it in 5, 20, 30 days, 40 days, what's the max? 60 days? So I want the same post, the same picture, the same video, whatever. And I want to repost it until, and then I can decide, for example, so

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Speaker 1: (20:00)

Until December 41st, 11:00 AM done, okay, for the next 11 months, this post is going to go out again every 60 days. This is something that I can schedule and which makes me, for me, it makes totally sense because I can rep cycle, repurpose content that, that I already published and, and is valuable for, for my people and bring it back to the, to, to the pool of content that I, that I distribute. So that's something that I like, that's something that I would wish all for lately. And, uh, to, to make my job easier. I mean, I know that pe that, that there are people who constantly want to create new stuff. I mean, I al I'm also creating new stuff, but I also like to repurpose the old things. And, um, in my case, so I'm, I'm using, I'm filling the slots, so I, I don't, I think I have two posts a day so far.

Speaker 1: (21:03)

I'm also doing sometimes organically on a daily basis myself adding on, on top. But there's some basic content that is going out for the next weeks and months that's coming. So I still, so I already, um, added some couple of things. So sometimes it's more than, uh, here in this case. So I have several posts a day. Sometimes it's just one or one post a day, two different profiles and groups. And, um, but I'm constantly at, basically on the end of the month I'm checking, okay, what did I produce and where can I edit? For example, at the beginning of the month, it's not that much. I would add, so here's the one Monday that has no posting, that's not good. There should be something. So I will change this and fill, fill the, the slots here. So that's basically how I, how I work. So, and it would be cool if there is some future just one click to bring the postings back into my pool of non, of, of, uh, skeletal two, um, posts just to make sure that I can repurpose the, the content. That would be my, my first version. I'm just checking.

Speaker 1: (22:24)

Ah, okay. Hey, Yako, you can download the video snippet if you click on the free dots on the video clip. I just checking, I'm not sure if I am, there are no dots or which dots do you mean? Do you mean in the distribution part? I will check it, uh, in the, in the creation part, generate again, or that'd be cool, but I think I don't have this future that I can download it, right? Where is it? No, that's nothing. I don't see anything. Yeah, on the black video snippet, on the, on the black video snippets. Okay. You can reschedule, you post in the enterprise version. Okay. You have to spend more money in order to reschedule or re post it on the black video snippet. I'll show what you mean. I will check it.

Speaker 1: (23:41)

If I already can do this, that would be awesome. You mean here? No. So in the creative post with the video snippet, they are freed in the creative post with the video snippet. There are free tiny dots on the video clip image. By the way, that's a big applause to the people of lately, the staff, the team, which is amazing. They are always showing up, they're always liking stuff and, and helping and supporting. Like, I mean, Vanessa is working on lately, which is um, uh, which is great. So yes, in the videos, snippets. Okay. Pretty tiny. Ah, you mean these ones? Oh my god, Vanessa, I'm downloading it. That's great. That's cool. Let me check. So that's live demonstration.

Speaker 1: (24:56)

Nice. I like it. Thank you, Vanessa. That's cool. I like it. Yes, that's cool. Really appreciate it already. Okay, then, uh, , that was, that was my first wish. Okay. Like I said, don't get me wrong, Vanessa. Okay. I hooray. Yes. So I'm really big fan of what you guys do and, and really appreciate your support and the help and, um, yeah, so like I said, in a, in a wonderful world, uh, I have to use things. So this one's already done. Okay, I'm just deleting it. Okay? It's, it's already done. So this is another thing. So to some degree, I'm not sure if this was just in the beginning, but, um, when I'm, when I'm generating the, the snippets, for example, so in this case it's audio, but it's was also in the, the video version. So I have 101 snippets left that I have to check.

Speaker 1: (25:59)

So I'm clicking through them and I'm not very interested in having the link. I'm more interested in video snippets. So, and, and sometimes the video snippet is showing up than one Amazon link is showing up and it's switching. So if I could label it so that I see all the video snippets and uh, order all audio snippets, that would be cool. So that I just don't have to click through 101 snippets and most of them, uh, with this Amazon link, that's not so much interesting for me. I want the, the video snippets and the audio snippets. So if I, if I, if I could label it directly and just make a click, I want the video snippets, that would be awesome. .

Speaker 1: (26:45)

Yeah. Vanessa also has a great time okay. With our feedback. And I will share your comments with our team and come back with answers. Okay, awesome. You already answers one main thing. So that's, that's cool with the downloads. So definitely use that, that future and, um, yeah. So, but the recycling, yeah. Okay. So you would like to have video and audio notes listed separately. I will ask our development. Yes. So if I, for example, I'm uploading my video and then I'm, I just want to, I want to distribute all the videos. That's my main thing. I'm not interested in this link where I'm posting am Amazon link or any other link. Um, I want the video, all the audio snippets. That's my, that's, that would be my main thing. And the other one, I, I really don't care. I don't, don't want to look at them, but there was some, uh, but it's getting better now.

Speaker 1: (27:39)

I think I, I'm training the AI and it's recognizing, okay, he wants the videos and I'm showing firstly videos, but switched at the beginning a little bit between video and these kind of, uh, these kind of captions. And, um, I clicked through the first 20 or 30 posts just to make sure that I have all the videos. So if you ca if I could label it in a way or just click it, I want to, the videos or the audio, that would be awesome. So that's, uh, another thing that's, um, yes, that I want to speak about. And the, the last thing, so basically the first thing, I'm just adding this, um, the idea of rescheduling it, you said it's an enterprise models, okay, that's, that's still fine for me. Okay. Forget the first one. So the last thing, creating a skill schedule pool and just adding them to, for example, one post a day.

Speaker 1: (28:37)

So I'm creating, for example, I have a schedule I scheduled, well, the first time I just, um, telling how I felt. So the first time I created snippets, I said, oh, amazing. And then I have all these snippets, and then I, uh, scheduled them, said, okay, I want one post a day. And then that was basically done. And then after that I created new snippets. And then they were also in the t he like, here. And I thought, okay, are they, so if I scattered these also are the, and i, I schedule once a post, uh, one, one post a day. Would that, would that mean that I have two posts a day? I was not sure. So, but basically it means that, right? So if I add, um, postings, video snippets, and I add also I want them once a day, it would mean that I have two posts a day, which is obvious.

Speaker 1: (29:36)

But, but, but at the beginning I thought if I add now, um, video snippets, they will automatically, uh, schedule once a day. So do you get what I, what I, what I'm meaning great feedback. And yesterday I will keep learning. We'll come back to you on that. Okay, cool. So I hope I, I, I don't make it too complicated, but, um, to some degree it would help if I know, okay, if I'm creating, uh, snippets after I scheduled already some posts, this would mean okay, we just continue and there's one pool of scheduled content pieces that I am filling in and continue to post once, once a day. That would help me, because otherwise I, now I have scheduled, uh, I have unscheduled postings, I don't know, six pages, maybe 30, 30 snippets or something, I'm not sure for, for all channels. And if I scale those now and say once per day, I, I would post twice a day because I already scheduled a couple of, um, posts and I have to look, I have to look in the outbox. When is the last piece published? For example? No, this one 30? No, this, this already published. So schedule posts.

Speaker 1: (31:11)

So 20, 27th, 26th, 31st. So I have to check when is the last post? And then I would say, let's say the last post is on, yeah, the 31st looks like 41st. So I will, I have to schedule for February the first, the next, uh, snippets. Yeah. Doesn't make sense. So this was a little bit confusing for me cause I just was not sure. Might need to rephrase that for me please. About the posting frequency. Yes. Um, yeah, I know it's, so I'm not sure if I, I'm creating additional snippets that if this is, if this is, you know, if these are distributed once a day or twice a day, I mean, if I, I, if after I schedule postings and then I'm creating new snippets, I want to continue once a day, for example. And it would be helpful if I know, okay, I have to look up and, and say, okay, the last posting is on 21st, uh, 31st, and then after that I, I have to schedule it.

Speaker 1: (32:27)

So I have to look it up, but it would be easier if I can just add it to the existing pool of once a day posting, uh, the, the current postings that I created. Does this make sense? I otherwise I will, I mean, we can also do this in a, in a, um, in a chat. But, um, yeah, so after I scheduled basically my postings, what is happening with the new video, uh, videos that I'm creating, that's basically my, uh, question. So, uh, I see, I, so I think your question is, if you have already scheduled posts, then create additional posts for once a day scheduling, will this add to the post already scheduled? Yes. And the answer is no, but at the beginning I was not sure. So the right, the answer is no to this. So I have to reschedule the, the, the new ones. And, um, so for example, if I want to continue this once a day, I sh I have to check. So when is the last post of the old content that I created?

Speaker 1: (33:32)

Do you get what, where I want to be? Yes. So basically you, you get the, uh, so I think you would like the extra post to be scheduled after the post you are already scheduled. Yes, yes. If I want to continue, I mean, if I say at them also and say once a post, once a day, a post that would, and then I could directly say twice postings, twice, two posts a day, something like that. So this was the only thing that confused me at the beginning, but now I get it. So, um, yeah, maybe yes, you understand it. Thank you, Melissa. Thank you. That's the cool thing about lately, AI people are here, they are listening to and, and taking you serious and taking your, your suggestions with, uh, conversations with the team. That's, that's, that's cool. And that's really why I'm in this tool and speaking about it. Yes, that's it basically. So let me check my notes.

Speaker 1: (34:37)

Yes, that's so far. I mean, you can download the snippets. How awesome is this? That's, that's, that's really amazing. I mean, you can take these snippets and then re repurpose them. That's, that's already great. I mean, we love your feedback. I love your tool, man. Uh, sorry woman. I love, it's like having a brother speaking with a brother, something like this. Sorry, , that one really, I, I, I like this tool. It's, and from a usability standpoint, it's super easy and quick to use. And, and I am basically, so people also ask me, so how to, how to start the start?

Speaker 1: (35:23)

So please restart. Thank you. Appreciate it. So what I'm currently doing, so testing this, uh, since this week, I, I say once a day, once a day I contact distribution. So 30 minutes of, uh, creating the snippets and scheduling that on a, on a daily basis. So from Monday to Friday. So that's what I'm doing. I'm not the, I'm not so happy about content distribution. It's, I'm not the guy who's in front of a camera and go and running and, and creating the content. But when it comes to content distribution, I'm a little bit, yeah, not lazy, but I'm, yeah, it's not my, it's outside of my comfort zone because it's, it's repetitive and yeah, not so much fun. So, um, therefore I like to reschedule and, and rep repurpose content. So that's, uh, the reason why I use this future on hero post. And yeah, definitely use these video snippets.

Speaker 1: (36:24)

So like I said, I'm, I'm training myself to be on the tool for 40 minutes a day, and if you on 30 minutes, I can create, depends how, how fast, but around 10 or 15 s snippets or something on a daily basis. So I mean, I'm creating a lot of video content. Um, and after I stop this recording, I will immediately take the recording and, and upload it on, on, uh, lately because it makes, it makes totally sense for me. Yes. So that's basically, that's what I want to speak about. And yes, Vanessa, I really appreciate, um, your support and your help. Uh, we'll definitely follow up with that one. And if you guys have anything else, let me know. So there will be also newsletter coming, um, beginning of February, I think, where I will also speak again about, um, lately. And so the interesting thing also when it comes to results, so more people are seeing what I'm producing.

Speaker 1: (37:35)

I, um, get more, more, more engagement. People are commenting it. People that I never heard before so far are reaching out to me. And I mean, there is a correlation I think. So I will continue this and definitely, and it's easy. I mean, it's easier than ever to, to create these video snippets and audio snippets. And I will also check out some block articles and, and that I, that I post, that I published and used them also for lately, just to make sure I have a, have a good content mix. That's, that's it basically. Okay. That's it. And thank thanks for watching and see you next time. Thank you. Bye-Bye.

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