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"Adtastic" with Kate Bradley Chernis From Lately, with Tony Stanol of Daily Ad Brief - Featuring the Lately CEO

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Welcome to another episode of fantastic. I'm your host, Tony Stan. And we're here today with Kate Bradley from lately. Welcome Kate.

Speaker 2: (00:22)

Hey Tony. Thanks so much. Nice to see you.

Speaker 1: (00:26)

Nice to see. Tell me more about that.

Speaker 2: (00:41)

It's funny because people are a little bit still scared of AI, which is sort of interesting. And I think that's what you're poking at a little bit, but we use artificial intelligence in a way where it's designed to partner with the human so that it can learn your brand voice, and then identify key pieces of content, whether from video or, um, podcasts or long form texts, for example, and then pull those pieces of content content in, out into social posts that the AI already knows will get you the highest engagement. Right? So fear of the blank page gone and the ability to unlock, um, a video like this and turn it into lead gen in just a few seconds.

Speaker 1: (01:30)

So you, you describe in your, um, on your website, how you atomize content, my content and, and then, you know, make social media out of it is that, you know, kind of very simply how it works.

Speaker 2: (01:46)

Yeah. So what happens is when you connect your social media accounts to lately, we instantly study all the analytics for the last year, from, from anything from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, et cetera. And what we're doing is we're looking for the words, the ideas, the phrases, the sentence structures that made up the messaging that got you the highest engagement. And then we build a writing model based on what we know. And the writing model learns constantly in you, the human again, can guide it along. Now, once you have the writing model, you then feed it long form content like a video or text or any audio. And then exactly what you said will atomize that content based on what the writing model finds into dozens and dozens of snippets. So in the case with video like this, it's not only the quote of the fabulous one liner that you or I say today, but it'll also be the video clip of us saying it as well.

Speaker 1: (02:42)

Gotcha. Uh, real interesting stuff. We like to cite examples of some success that you've had with a particular client and it, it could be confidential or name the client. What, what, um, you know, what success story could you talk about, um, uh, with lately

Speaker 2: (03:01)

Softball ? So we work with, um, Gary Vaynerchuk is one of our advisors and he did an experiment with lately launching an entire Twitter channel fueled only by Lately's AI and nothing else. And we got Gary a 12000% increased engagement because the AI is smart AF at, at learning exactly what your listeners want to listen to, or your readers want to read, or your, or your viewers want to watch.

Speaker 1: (03:30)

That's great. And, and that's, uh, that's pretty impressive for someone like Gary V who's, uh, pretty prominent in, in the social media space. Anyway,

Speaker 2: (03:41)

He's a really nice man. What was exciting for us was, you know, Gary has an army and doesn't really need a service like lately, but we wanted to experiment to see if the artificial intelligence would, um, pull the same content that Gary's human team would as well. And there was actually an 80% parallel between the two, which was really impressive to us. Um, another fun stat to point out to Tony is here at lately. We only use our own product for all of our marketing in all of our lead gen. We don't do paid ads. We don't do any cold calls or cold emails. And after a show like this, I'm gonna ask you and your team for the file. I'm gonna run it through my own AI. Mm-hmm, the writing. Model's gonna pick all the exciting quotes that it already knows. My audience wants to read, watch, or hear, and it's going to, um, atomize them like we said, and we use that. Um, once it's out in the world, we're looking at who's liking and commenting, sharing our content. So they're warm already, right? And we can qualify or disqualify them. And by the time we move them into a meeting with one of my sales members, we have a 98% sales conversion because the, I, I is so good at, at knowing what you're going to react to.

Speaker 1: (05:05)

Great. Well, thanks for, uh, stopping by Kate and I, I meant to ask you more about your, uh, former career as a radio DJ, but I guess people will have to find that on their own. Thanks for coming.

Speaker 2: (05:20)

Thank you.

Speaker 1: (05:23)

And thank you for tuning into this episode of a, to find out more about Kate Bradley and even her early DJ career go to daily abri.com. See you next time.

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