AI-Assisted Social Content Creation, with Jeremy Kagan of Marketecture Podcast - Featuring Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis

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About 20%.

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Yeah. Um, a lot of European business, um, which is not, which is a lot of it is English, but, but not, not the states. And we've been global like instantly. I mean, we didn't do, we didn't make a push on that. It just happened accidentally. We see a lot of Indian customers, a lot of Australian customers, um, they're on the small business side for the most part and they are cheap they want the lowest price

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Possible. Gotcha. Yeah. Well, those are different economies, but what, uh, what I wanted to ask you next, uh, before we get to the lightning round is a little bit about your roadmap and where you're going from here. So you said you're roughly, uh, in the million, uh, ARR range. How fast are you growing? And what's, what's coming down the road. I know you've just started to offer this self-service thing. Where do you see new features and growth coming from?

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Yeah, we grew the company 240% in monthly recurring revenue in 2020. And that's when I realized that I needed to make this switch. So I actually paused all the enterprise sales. It was really kind of dangerous, brave thing that I did here and restructured the company. So the great resignation helped us and let go of the sales people I was going to have to let go of anyways, so that we could put our efforts into engineering and product let growth. Right. Jeremy mm-hmm . Um, so we're in this very weird limbo, as I touched on before of like waiting for these scales to, to switch. So on the, on the selfer side, I, the hockey stick is real. , it's actually there. I can see the growth, you know yeah. In just six months. And I'm like, okay, come on, stay with the program. You know, like I keep thinking of star wars, stay on target, stay on target. Like, don't get distracted by the enterprise side. I've gotta do not fix over there, which is complicated and, and, and bizarre. Um, so I can't make any moves until I've I've, you know, fully solve this. Um, not so

Speaker 1: (40:11)

You're focused on the self-service market right now. Are there any like burning features that you think are coming out that you do

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Know? Oh yeah. The, um, so there's a speedometer on the self-service side that shows you exactly what to do to make your post sing super high. And everyone loves that. And my enterprise customers are like, I want this and I'm like, I'm, I'm working on giving it to you. Um, and then, you know, lately also creates content from scratch now so it'll, it'll grab that quote. And then if there's something beyond the quote, either in somewhere else in the material or wholly new, it'll insert a sentence to connect some of those dots that just launched. Um, you know, we're looking at mobile is, is the biggest, um, drive for us right now because that's where self-service is coming in the most, uh, as well as, um, doubling down on our AI. So we actually have five new AI products. I just talked about the first, but there's four more that I've parked, cuz I didn't, I haven't had the money to actually integrate them into the product cuz we're always raising, I'm raising, I'm raising, I'm raising

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well, we'll talk afterwards about checks, but uh, so what are the other four, the four features and then we'll get into the lightning round.

Speaker 2: (41:25)

Um, so I'll just, I'll just check on one of them, which is that learning capability I was telling you that we're doing internally. Um, it can do that for an individual, so it can see the before or the after and start to recommend, um, it does this now to some degree, this is just more the extension of that. Um, so, so right now, for example, I wrote 200 tips and each one is maps to what you write. For example, if you say, check out my blog, um, lately will say, check out is the laziest call to action on the planet. try to choose another verb that actually has meaning. Um, so just doing more, um, more exact kind of recommendations like that, because again, the problem is what do I write? How do I measure it? You know, there's so much blockers there.

Speaker 1: (42:17)

So, uh, I'd say the major push that you're talking about though for the next year or so is gonna be focusing on that self-service product and uh, perhaps rolling out some of these features you've developed there for the enterprise folks.

Speaker 2: (42:27)

Yeah. Yeah. Um, in, in closing the enterprise deals that we have, you know, we were we're um, oh, we're so close. Jeremy. We're so close

Speaker 1: (42:37)

well, uh, I think we're ready for the lightning round and uh, in the interest of time, this is, uh, short answers. First thing that comes to mind, I'm not worried about your, uh, your answers. I'm actually really excited to hear what you come up with. so, uh, what is one competitive advantage you have versus other solutions in this space? What's your major piece of firepower?

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All right. Uh, why, uh, why would other folks, uh, who are in the space maybe in distribution or in the G P T three AI side? Why wouldn't they tackle this? Or like a walled garden, like, uh, Facebook start adding this kind of functionality for their own posts.

Speaker 2: (43:19)

Yeah. I mean, I have multiple moats part of which I describe, right? So the four levels, um, that we've built, it's, it's impossible to recreate not only five years of our IP, which is 80% ours, but also again, me, I mean, I'm the one who set these roles and where it's learning the best practices from. And by the way, we also teach all of our customers as well. So there's four or five, um, moats built right in there.

Speaker 1: (43:47)

Excellent. Uh, well then what's your biggest product or market challenge? What do you find is the toughest thing about where you are?

Speaker 2: (43:54)

What resources.

Speaker 1: (43:57)

Okay. And, uh, what is the number one reason that customers choose not to use your product? They learn about lately and they say, Nope, it's not for me. What's the number one reason they

Speaker 2: (44:08)

Expect it to be magic. And they're disappointed that it's not.

Speaker 1: (44:11)

So they don't wanna do the work. You said everyone wants everything. Self-service that makes sense, lastly. And quite importantly, if your company was an animal, which animal would it be?

Speaker 2: (44:20)

Mm, the company, uh, cockroach

Speaker 1: (44:31)

A cockroach. This is a new one for me. So you heard it here first. It's the cockroach um, well this is fantastic. This has been a Kate turn with lately and we've gotten a really good, uh, bird's eye view of everything she's going, uh, into and through, uh, very excited to see the future here. So this is, uh, architecture where you can get smart fast. Thank you so much for joining us and giving us those details. Kate,

Speaker 2: (44:55)

You are ACEs. Thanks, Jeremy.

Speaker 1: (44:58)

Now is a quick demo. If you could walk us through some of the, uh, the juicies parts of lately, that will be terrific.

Speaker 2: (45:04)

The juicies parts. Of course. Yeah. So when you come to lately, you can auto generate texts from either text or video. So text could be like a blog or a newsletter or a press release, and video could be a podcast like this or any webinar whatsoever. So we're choosing video and we're first gonna ingest video content into lately. So you can just choose a video that you own and then click save. There's lots of other options. You can set the character limits in kind of help the AI figure out, you know, exactly what you want it to spit out. And once you just do that, you can also add a link where you wanna drive traffic back. So like a link to the full version of the video, really thinking of what the AI is gonna give you as miniature movie teasers or trailers or lead lead gen kind of promotion here. Right? So you see that

Speaker 1: (45:51)

Like snippets

Speaker 2: (45:51)

Yeah, little snippets. Exactly. And then you can also add intros or outros, so like sponsorship components, for example. Um, and then once you do that, you click generate and here's where the magic happens. So lately is actually connecting to your analytics. It's building you that custom writing model, looking for the messaging and the words and the ideas that are gonna get you the highest performing social posts. So it knows how to read the transcript. There's a transcript happening in the background as well and what to clip up. And this is where it's talking to all of the data we have and then to meaning cloud and Google Pegasus and IBM Watson and G B T three, and just kind tapping all of its superpowered AI friends in the world, including our own library, to make sure to give you like the best, most opt optimal kind of social posts here in the case of video, as you're gonna see, it's actually gonna look for the video components that match up with the quotes of who set that here and on the, on the text side, um, it would actually just be pulling those, those quotes itself.

Speaker 2: (46:59)

So it's really just thinking hard looking for what's going to serve you the best, the highest likes and the comments in the shares. And when it serves those things to you, it's gonna do it in a way where it's gonna pull what it believes will get you the highest engagement first, and then the rest of the posts, um, will come afterwards. So you're gonna have the opportunity to really look, look through them.

Speaker 1: (47:25)

And you're saying it's transcribing things automatically. It can actually tell the difference between different speakers or do you have to identify those?

Speaker 2: (47:31)

Yep. It sure can. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (47:33)


Speaker 2: (47:33)

Terrific. And you can have the opportunity to, um, edit the script as well, if you like. So there's, um, that's the advanced features, of course, but so here we go. Here's our friend Gary Vayner check and lately is pulling out this quote and Lauren, the human is optimizing it. And as she does, you can see the speedometer on the right hand side is coding her along, coaching her along as to how to edit the AI, how to train the AI. So it can get you the most bang for your buck and it learns right Jeremy. So next time you come through, it's gonna be taking into consideration all the things that she's doing.

Speaker 1: (48:09)

I see. So basically in real time, it's giving you a better assessment of how you're gonna do with your, your social media post based on what you've seen in the past.

Speaker 2: (48:16)

That's right. And because this one is a lately original and Lauren's adding some, some hashtags and some, some emojis, um, because it's a lately original, it actually took a quote and then rewrote it itself to, to optimize it with words that it knows will be better than actually just the quote on its own. And also with the hashtags, those are recommended for this particular social post for this particular channel. So everything's very customized, um, based on every single social post, it, it generates for you.

Speaker 1: (48:52)

So you basically, this is live. And then when you post this, where would this typically go? Uh, and you know, so link back to the original video.

Speaker 2: (48:59)

So in this case, we have Twitter sec selected, but you could publish to LinkedIn, uh, also to Facebook and Instagram, we work with personal and, and, um, professional pages, depending on what's allowed by those platforms. Obviously we also integrate with HubSpot and Hootsuite. So if you work with HubSpot marketing hub hub, you can just send lately right into that, or right into your Hootsuite account and, and play alongside there and not have to change. You can also publish through us as well. So there's a number of options

Speaker 1: (49:29)

And will it pick things like thumbnails or video clips like that? And can you publish those out to YouTube?

Speaker 2: (49:33)

Yeah. So in the case of video, it's the actual video itself. And so if, um, we scroll down just a little bit, you can see that the video it chose is roughly six seconds long there. Um, you also have the video, the ability to edit the video. So if you wanted to just expand that clip and for example, say lately captured the answer to a question and you want to include the question itself, you just slide it left.

Speaker 1: (50:00)

Gotcha. Gotcha. Well, that's interesting. And so it's essentially giving you the opportunity. I see there to do a caption editor. Is that something where you will be suggesting a caption?

Speaker 2: (50:09)

Yes. Um, so it will actually suggest the captions for you and you have the ability to edit them as well. So the, these are our high-end features for our super video users.

Speaker 1: (50:19)

Will it subtitle video for you?

Speaker 2: (50:21)

Yes, mm-hmm. automatically. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (50:23)

Fantastic. Mm-hmm that's great. Cool. Well, this has, has been a really great run through anything else you wanna highlight about the product while we're deep in it?

Speaker 2: (50:31)

Um, well, yes, the last piece is those tips there, which is, you know, we've have a few hundred tips that are again, surfaced per what comes out on this particular page. And so it's looking to help you improve, not only what's here, but to educate marketers in general on copywriting, which we know is their biggest pain point.

Speaker 1: (50:56)

Excellent. So this sounds like it'll help, uh, ramp up even a junior staffer to better social media, best practices.

Speaker 2: (51:02)

Yeah. I mean, just so you know, even Gary Vanner Trek's team asked us all kinds of questions. Like how often do we post on Twitter and what should we write? Right. So the, the best marketers in the world have the same problems as we, we lowly little marketers,

Speaker 1: (51:16)

Well, that's a great place to stop. So thanks so much for, uh, showing us the lately dined AI product. And that is what we do here at market architecture, where you can get smart fast.

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