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Lately AI – Work faster And Smarter, By Clive Roach Social Media Expert - Features Full Lately Review

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Are you using one? AI tools are becoming a feature for digital marketing

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Lately. AI is a generative AI tool from text. It generates social posts from audio. It creates transcripts and social posts with matching audiograms from video. It makes a transcript and posts with matching video clips. So let me now do my top five about lately. AI one. One, feed it with your own articles and social media posts so it learns from your content. Two, lately AI connects to enterprise tools. Three. Data remains Private chat. GPT uses your data included in prompts and questions to improve its ability to answer future queries from other people. Four can be used for employee advocacy as well. Five. Five. Lately, AI supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and more.

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So this is how the Hootsuite app version can be connected and used, connects all your social accounts. It analyzes the data and learns about you. Ah, let's use the prompt feature to create a blog and then generate some posts from it. I've chosen a detailed blog about the proximity of keywords for social listening. Now I'm gonna select the tone for the posts. I've got a lot of choice, but I went for official and professional. Create between 10 to 24 draft posts per channel. Select the few you like. Personalize them at hashtags and emojis. Add them into the Hootsuite composer to schedule. Leave your comments below and I see you next time.

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