AI is like Going to a Dinner Party with a Flowchart 😜

... Not Exactly the Best Conversationalist  🙄

We've been CONDITIONED to believe AI is a living, breathing entity that can:

  • Take over the world (settle down, HAL 9000)
  • Be a friend (thanks, R2-D2 and C-3PO)
  • Kill at will (take a chill pill, Terminator)

... It's a COOL story.

And it's complete fiction.

The truth is AI doesn't think. 🧠

It's more like a MASSIVE flowchart. If this, then THAT.

You feed it information.

It kicks back its BEST GUESS based on what you've taught it.

Even though Hollywood gets it WRONG...

That doesn't mean AI isn't helpful. learns based on what you give it.

Then it emulates YOUR brand voice while pinpointing ideas, words, and phrases that CONVERT. 👀

When deployed at scale, it creates compliant, on-brand content and publishes it throughout your organization.

That's where AI helps the MOST.

Saving you time. ⏰

Spreading your message. 💬

So you can pick up where it leaves off and build real, human relationships.

Who doesn't need MORE engagement, clicks, and leads?

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