Modernize the Way You Market! HubSpot + INBOUND = MAGIC

Modernize the Way You Market! HubSpot + INBOUND = MAGIC

Let’s face it, conferences are NOT the same as they were pre-COVID. Instead of having to fly somewhere and book a hotel and all of that expensive jazz, you can join most of them from the comfort of your bed (just make sure to hide the PJ bottoms on Zoom).

From live to online, INBOUND 2021 is not something you want to miss and it starts TODAY October 12th! We’ll answer all the whos, whats, wheres, whens, and even whys below.

As we emerge out of the dark tunnel that is the pandemic, we have to realize that some aspects of our lives are changed forever and some even for the better! Not to get too deep on ya.

Conferences and most big gatherings of people in general are SO different now. INBOUND brings all the things you loved from in person conferencing to the online-sphere. And here's a hint: even Oprah’s gotten on board. (Oh. My. GAWD.)

Let’s Get Real

Truth be told, live content is just NOT killing it like it used to. Think about it, when was the last time you watched live TV? Listened to live radio? Yeah… we thought so.

People are busy! It’s sooooo much easier to consume media on your own schedule rather than having to adhere to somebody else's. Which also makes attending online conferences so much more ACCESSIBLE to people who aren’t able to take the time (or the funds) to attend an in-person conference.

Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING is after-the-fact.

You know that show you binge at night? Well, now you can binge-watch conference panels and keynotes, too. So instead of having to get into your finest business attire (business casual if you’re lucky), you can take in all of the information when it, ehem, suits you!

Back to the Future

As much as we would all looooooooooooove to forget that the pandemic didn’t happen and revert back to the way it was before all the madness started, we have to keep moving forward and rolling with the punches. Change happens.

There are a few ways that you can modernize the way you market. The first one is to STOP thinking of longform content as a one-time use. It physically pains us to see you do so.

Take INBOUND, for example. The conference videos taken there and the articles HubSpot writes about it can be turned over again and again as material to market for next year's conference! With the insane amount (and quality) of this year’s speakers, there’s BOUND (see what we did there) to be a ton of magical little snippets that people will consume in even 5 years time and still love.

In this binge-market world we’re now living in, it’s smart to churn out quality content as fast as possible. How should you do this? Take every little quote that’s filled with greatness, maybe throw a video clip that goes along with it in as an attachment and use that to drive eyes back to the original content… FOREVER. Get it????

Then, instead of blasting dozens of social posts all about the same article you JUST wrote, why not spread those out over 6 months or more – so, say, once a week your followers get varied entry points to the uh-mazing longform content you have. Longtail baby. Exponential eyeballs. In other words, drip feed = very good.

This might seem a little daunting, stressful even. But with Lately AND HubSpot, it's a breeze. We are talkin’ A.I. content creation software that does it all for you. in just a few clicks. Modern as all get out!


Well, besides the fact that it's happening RIGHT NOW, it’s going to blow. Your. Mind. Maybe wear a helmet, is what we’re saying… just in case.

With speakers ranging from Oprah to Spike Lee to Brian Halligan to Queen Bee herself, Yamini Rangan, HubSpot’s CEO, these three days will be jam packed with crazy goodies. Watch them live OR watch them on your own time! Easy as that.

It’s literally Disney but for marketers. (Sorry, Mickey.)

Who are you Excited to See?

Here's a list of our FAVORITE people that you can see at INBOUND:

Aly Hammonds:
Aly is an Americas product lead at Google. She focuses on simplifying Google’s products to help businesses generate those sweet sweet leads. She also helps Google grow its online presence and track offline conversions which is HUGE! Her session is on October 13th, at 11:30 am ET if you wanna catch the action live.

Alexis Gay:
Alexis is the Co-Host of The Shake Up Podcast, a podcast from the HubSpot Podcast Network that helps business leaders scale their companies. It’s basically guaranteed that you'll laugh and learn a thing or two when you listen to her! Showtime, TBD.

Oprah Winfrey:
Where do we even begin… you know her, you love her. Global media leader, philanthropist, producer, actress and household name. She’s done it all. Truly is one of the most powerful, self-made people in the world. Listen to a woman who has inspired MILLIONS on October 14th at 5:30 pm ET.

Spike Lee:
When you Google the definitions for “raw” and “unapologetic,” Spike Lee comes up. You probably have seen his movie BlacKkKlansman, which won Best Adapted Screenplay in 2019. Award-winning director, writer, actor, producer AND author, Spike Lee has revolutionized Black talent in media. He is an absolute powerhouse and is speaking live on October 13th at 5:00 pm.

John Lee Dumas:
Is CEO of Entrepreneur on Fire AND he is truly on FIRE with his award- winning podcast. We’re talking 3000 episodes and over 100M lifetime downloads. We like him alot because he’s an out of the box rule breaker like us. His book is even called, The Common Path to Uncommon Success. He’s got a breakout session October 14, 1pm PT called Growing Better with Audio. Podcasters rejoice!

And That’s Not Even Half of Them

There are just about a billion people speaking at INBOUND, so even if none of those people we mentioned sparked your interest (which is impossible), there's still dozens and dozens of people you can hear and learn from.

Oh, and to learn more about how to turn any conference speech, webinar, panel or podcast into dozens of social posts – in your own brand's voice (thanks to Lately's artificial intelligence content generator PLUS the power of HubSpot), click here.


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