Give Your Thought Leadership Articles New Life With AI

Busy thought leader who wants to boost your brand? Learn how AI can breathe new life into your thought leadership articles — especially on social media.

Give Your Thought Leadership Articles New Life With AI

AI has revolutionized how people interact with content, and now it's time for your thought leadership articles to join the party. Thought leaders (like you!) have long been at the forefront of innovation – providing unique perspectives that go beyond traditional wisdom – but even they can get stuck in a rut.

With AI, however, thought leaders can take their articles to new heights and give them a fresh lease on life.

Let's explore how AI helps bring your thought leadership pieces to life.

Did you know you can use tools like natural language processing (NLP) to generate ideas and add depth to your writing? AI supercharges your already powerful content, so it resonates even more deeply with readers while staying ahead of the curve.

Not to mention how Lately's AI for social media creates a flywheel effect — keeping your best thought leadership in front of your target audience for weeks or even months after you create content.

So.... if you're a subject matter expert who wants to save time, create content that actually converts, and leave your audience wanting MORE, keep reading.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is the capability of a machine to copy human intelligence and behavior.

AI includes self-driving cars, robots interacting with humans, or even computer programs learning independently. It may sound like something from outer space (or even Hollywood), but it's not THAT advanced.

Although robots aren't taking over, AI can still help you create and share better thought leadership content.

AI can (and does!) revolutionize how business leaders create innovative new ideas and improve our world.

If you've dismissed ChatGPT and other AI tools as "not for serious, authoritative content," you're missing out. AI can help you with nearly every type of content, making your thought leadership strategy more effective and efficient.

Need to revise or create an article? AI gives writers access to powerful tools that enable them to generate unique, insightful pieces quickly and efficiently.

Need to sift through piles of data? AI allows authors to make informed decisions quickly because it can analyze data quickly, freeing up your time so you can focus more on developing high-quality content instead of worrying about mundane tasks like fact-checking or research.

Create webinars? Lately sifts through the video, automatically creates video clips, and generates social media posts in seconds. Who's brand doesn't need THAT?

With AI, businesses can produce more compelling thought leadership material faster.

AI offers tremendous advantages over traditional methods of generating content, but it should always be used responsibly — it needs your HUMAN TOUCH.

The true power of AI comes from human propulsion. When you let the robots do what it does best, your organization will gain an edge over competitors who lack understanding or minimize how AI breathes new life into thought leadership content.

Benefits Of Using AI to Create Thought Leadership Content

Integrating AI into your thought leadership content production helps you create more engaging and informative articles while saving valuable time.

By leveraging AI's capabilities, thought leaders can maximize their impact on their target audience by delivering high-quality material that keeps up with the latest trends and developments in their field.

AI can help make content creation faster and easier, which enables thought leaders to focus on the things AI can't do, like focus on strategic goals such as:

  1. Growing an online presence (Lately posts the content, but you still have to ENGAGE)
  2. Building relationships with customers, creators, and industry stakeholders  (AI can help you generate lists, but it can't help you make human-to-human connections)

AI shines when it comes to personalization.

Did you know AI allows writers to customize content based on reader preferences while maintaining consistency across channels? For example, Lately creates a personalized writing model based on your brand's voice and publishes relevant social media content across channels and throughout your organization.

Marketers can also use machine learning algorithms to optimize website copy according to user demographics or interests. This ensures that every customer receives personalized messaging tailored to them, resulting in higher engagement rates and improved user experience.

With these benefits in mind, it is clear why integrating AI into your content marketing strategy will enable you to produce powerful thought leadership pieces that stand out.

Best Ways to Integrate AI Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

It doesn't matter if your organization is B2B or B2C. If you want a competitive advantage, adopt AI-driven content marketing strategies.

This technology creates compelling and engaging content that connects with your target audience in powerful ways (especially after a little human fine-tuning).

AI does GREAT with lots of information.

Here are a few ways you can use AI to optimize your content marketing strategy:

  1. Generate content ideas based on your customer's interests and behaviors
  2. Create personalized web experiences by analyzing user data
  3. Optimize campaigns by automatically testing headlines, images, or copy
  4. Publish dozens of AI-generated social media posts with audiograms or video clips
  5. Improve your brand's SEO rankings with NLP
  6. Outline your ebooks or an in-depth piece of content

Content powered by AI has the potential to become an invaluable asset for any business looking to drive high-quality interactions with customers or prospects. AI-enabled content can help take your business’ content strategy to the next level – without much effort – from driving lead generation efforts to increasing website traffic and improving SEO rankings.

Conclusion: Benefits of Thought Leadership + AI

AI is a powerful tool that can help thought leaders produce more meaningful, engaging, and effective content. 

By integrating AI into your content marketing strategy, your organization can unlock the potential to make data-driven decisions about its content and maximize its reach. 

Tools like Lately can help you monitor engagement with existing articles on social media, which helps you identify future topics. Armed with this data, you could then use AI to analyze topics, create relevant titles and suggest new angles that would resonate better with your target audience.

Some organizations are already using AI systems to automate certain tasks, such as keyword analysis or formatting text correctly - freeing up time for writers to focus on crafting compelling stories instead. 

Isn't it time you joined them? 

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